This post is not so much about Nas and Kelis as much as it is about womanly wiles and what we’ll do to get and keep a man. Sometimes, it’s just keeping a man coming around that we’ll sacrifice pride, human dignity, health, money, sanity and progress and achievement for. Why is that?

I’ve lost alot of respect for “Men” in the past few years. I had some to spare because I’ve always had a Capricorn girl Daddy Issues thing going and I believed men are gods. So maybe respect is not the word here…reverence, perhaps?

At any rate, I don’t revere men anymore. I believed all my life, because I wasn’t soft and cuddly in the mind, that I thought like one. But then a man told me how dumb I was and how much unalike we were in how we think and that knocked me off axis. So I started looking into the subject of how do men think. And I found some pretty disturbing shit.

There’s something going on called “Lad Culture“. lad

You’re on the internet, you can Google it but from what I understand its about men staying 23 years old forever. At 32, 48, 67, etc. they are demanding the freedom to date as many women as they can…play video games…spend their income on video games and entertainment rather than a family…and be free of adult responsibility and social pressures. This is a backlash to “Feminism” and the “Decline of the American Woman“. Maybe again, backlash is not the correct word here. Maybe byproduct would be more appropriate.

On the Other Hand (I swear, that’s what I should have named this blog), there is a movement to fight back against Metrosexuality, Homosexuality, Trysexuality and go back to being Real Men. The Promisekeepers, if you will. The Real Men are generally conservative types who want to go back to 1953 and the Good Old Days That Never Were. They want to be a hardworking hubby to a submissive housewife. They claim to be dominant Alpha Males.

Actually both camps claim to be dominant Alpha Males. The Lads measure their dominance by the ability to collect “smoking hot chicks” who will not cheat on them (getting cheated on is for Beta males), pick other men over them and fall hook, like and stinker for their inane game. While not asking for anything in return. They believe such nuggets as:

“Why a woman would try to make weaker exactly that Prince she wanted so much as companion? Well there are several reasons:

– She wants to own him exclusively. The simplest reason in the world.

-Female competition: in the deep of their hearts women know that the most Alpha of all the males is the one who never is exclusive to one woman. Already the fact that he is agreeing to be only with her is in a way “beta”. That´s why most of the women get so horny about the fantasy that their men could have sex with other women.”

(Ask any woman who is right in her head how much money you’d have to pay her to be “horny” at the thought of her man having sex with some other woman. Ask any woman who is right in her head how much you’d have to pay her to own a man. Own him outright too, title and everything…)

“It is the so-called Social Proof: that tells to them that they made a good choice! If many women want their man that means they did a good choice.

A very sure way to lose your own woman in a relationship is to make her sure that no other woman wants you!

This does not necessarily mean to cheat on her. Women like to fantasize about the idea that their man could potentially get other women, while being faithful to them. In a way, in the deeper of their psyche, they “sense” that if a man agrees to be only with them he is in a way agreeing to be a little bit “betaised”.

(Really? Has the person who wrote this never heard of the “catfight” or the word “bitch” or “Whore” or one woman threatening to scratch another one’s face off and yank every strand of hair off her head “if that bitch looks over here one more time”? The simplest analogy a man might understand is women feel the same way about another woman wanting your man as a man feels about another man wanting his liver.)

Anyway they have the deep need to make him weaker which would keep him from spreading his genes to other women.”

(No. You want him to not want to spread his genes to other women because he loves you and the family he’s made with you so much that he wants to invest his time and resources into y’all exclusively. That’s why marriage is so important to women and will always be, no matter what anybody’s mouth says.)

(The saddest thing about all this though is how far from a woman’s reality this shit is. And how many men regard this ignorant blather as some kind of Great Truth.)

The Real Man and their two-finger-thick mustaches claim to be Alphas because they are well, “real” men and thereby embody earnest masculinity. And besides, the Playboy ideal:

What kind of man is this?

He is fastidious about his appearance, his home and hisridiculous old man and some hoes possessions. He wants as much sex as possible and chooses sexual partners mostly on the basis of appearance. He is self-absorbed and doesn’t want emotional involvement or commitment. He thinks a woman would stifle him and children would be a burden.

Does this sound like many gays? It is also the masculine ideal purveyed by Playboy magazine to men since the 1950’s.

The essence of manhood is to lead and support a family. But in 1972, 3 out of 4 male college students got their ideas about masculinity from Playboy, at an incalculable price to themselves, women, children and society.


The similarity between the Playboy and homosexual ideal is no coincidence. “The Kinsey Report” (1948) shaped current mainstream attitudes to sex. It championed unfettered sexual expression and became the manifesto of the counterculture. It inspired Hugh Hefner to start Playboy in 1953.

is a construct of the Homosexuals to Destroy Families.

Most men (or at least men’s magazines) align themselves somewhere between these two extremes. Not that Henry Makow (I stan for that man- I wrote him an email about an article he’d written. Within the hour, he wrote me back with good fatherly advice. Gotta love that.) could ever be considered extreme except in the context of “extremely wise” or “extremely awesome.”

Alas… life becokons. Having laid the foundation, I will continue this post at a later date, and I absolutely promise to somehow make it relevant to the title. Cheers.