Yesterday, I was watching videos with the kids. Its a little something I do in my personal War on Terror so I can provide running commentary and battle back the forces of whoredom, the liberal agenda and the creepiness of conservative fundamentalism.

This gad-awful song comes on about some boy’s girlfriend and how she doesn’t get his jokes, how she wears short skirts while the singer wears tee shirts. And on and on until I couldn’t bear it another second and changed the channel. When I do that, the kids go “That was Taylor Swift.” shaking their heads.

Not that that excuses Kanye West.


He totally wilded out when he Rick Lazio’d that girl but her music is not faultless in this either. She should not have won anything for that. And by that I mean, nothing. Not an award, not the right to sing another song at the karaoke bar, not even a gold star for trying. But as it happens when you do some randomly aggressive shit, you totally change the focus from what you were saying to the randomly aggressive shit you did.

He of course had to apologize. Not just for the sake of his career but because somebody would have had to set fire to someone in a jealous rage to take away his Playa Hater of the Year 2009-Infinity grand nationals championship ring. So he went on the couch at Jay Leno before his scheduled performance and did that.

What nobody was expecting was for Leno to tell him he knew his deceased mother.

kanye west, donda west photo[2]

And then to ask him what she would have thought of the way he’d behaved.

kanye and mom

Because…she’d raised him better than that. kanye crying

I’ve never heard anything about Kanye West’s father so I don’t know if he’d left the family or if he’d died or what the circumstances were that caused him not to be around. Whatever the case, Donda West was a larger than life presence in Kanye’s persona. I once saw a show of his where she was in the audience. And she knew every single word of every single on of his songs.

kanye's mom

If you’ve ever lived with a musician, you know what that means. When they are constantly making music, you have to learn to tune it out or you won’t be doing anything else all day. When someone makes beats, especially. It’s almost hypnotic because it just loops and loops. And for me anyway, until the words, effects and pauses are added in, they all sound the same.

Beats never sound the same as the finished product. So its one thing to support the music when all you hear is the finished product, when all the rapper or singer has to do is add the hooks and verses. Its a whole other when you’ve been hearing tink, tink, tink….booom, tink…tink,boom,booom,tink,duuuuhhh….tink, bahh, booom,tink,duuuuhhh…tink, boom,duhh…tink, boom…tink,tink,tink… for nine hours.

And it’s definitely one thing to support Grammy Award Winning Platinum Recording Artist Kanye West and a whole other to love the music Kanye “be makin’ in the basement”. His mom, despite her frustration, worry and (I’m sure) anger at him for dropping out, “wasting his potential” and eschewing the beaten path to pursue music when the odds of success in it are at best infinitesimal, loved the music Kanye be makin’ in the basement.

Since her death, He’s been surrounding himself with people who support Grammy Award Winning Platinum Recording Artist Kanye West. It’s been all Hollywood, All the Time with him for a minute now and the worst of it has been his girlfriend, (the blond dyke who’ll do anything for the limelight?)

Amber Rose:

Kanye's downfall

I don’t know the girl to say any of this definitively but she doesn’t seem to have his best interest at heart or any interest really except to have her picture all over the media everyday. Everyday. Every single day. Disliking her is “hating” but she irks me for no other reason then that she hasn’t done anything to be famous than have sex with Kanye West. And that I can’t help but feeling like she wouldn’t be around if his mom still were. Or that if she were around, she’d be just that: around. And not front and center like what he’s famous for, rather than his music.


On Leno, Kanye said he’s going to take a break. He hasn’t dealt with his mom’s death or of his feelings of guilt about it:

Kanye West is still getting over the horrific loss of his mother and best friend Donda West, and now he’s pondering his role in her death last year.

In an interview with, West says that he feels his celebrity lifestyle possibly contributed to the demise of the 58-year-old. “I feel like I moved to California, then my mom moved to California, and she did stuff she wouldn’t have done if we’d stayed in Chicago,” he said. “If I’d never made it in the music business, it never would’ve happened… Now I’d rather talk it through than commit suicide. I’m super devastated.”

On November 10, Donda West, a former professor and author, died at the Centinela Freeman hospital in California due to complications from plastic surgery.”


Granted, no, his mom would not have wanted him blaming himself but I’m sure she would have welcomed him taking the time for introspection. He needs to take a break. It’s a good idea. It’s something we all need sometimes.

Everybody (in the industry) laughed at Dave Chappelle when he did it but he said on Inside the Actor’s Studio, it saved his sanity. We all need to periodically re-evaluate, recharge and renew. Even you.